ExpiredScrub Brush With Stiff Whisk

$26.00 $5.2
Scrub Brush With Stiff Whisk
Scrub Brush With Stiff Whisk
$26.00 $5.2

  • Less Work: Cleaning jobs that would normally take lots of soaking and elbow grease come off easily with a few swipes of this bamboo pot scrubber whisk.
  • Safe to Use: The bamboo pot scrubber is safe for all types of pots and pans including cast iron griddles, stainless steel cookware, metal grills, wok, panini griddle, dishes and will look great sitting on your counter to boot.
  • Lasts longer: Bamboo brushes will hold up better and last longer then regular kitchen scratch pads and you can clean them much easier and avoid all the bacteria build up that happens on a normal scrubber
  • Size: 32 cm long is the perfect size, small enough to get into all of your pots and pans but large enough to keep hold of until the tough jobs are done
  • Environment: Bamboo is much better for the environment then other scrubber made of plastic
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